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Torino Engineering School Classes

In Torino engineering school classes, the core curriculum includes mathematics and physics which are usually essential. English is also important, and a foreign language desirable.

Torino Engineering School Classes

Minimum qualifications for entry to an Engineering degree course in Torino are normally ‘A’ levels or equivalent in Mathematics and Physics, but a third subject in either the Arts or Sciences ensures a wider choice of degree options. Students without the relevant ‘A’ levels have the opportunity to ‘convert’ on one-year pre-entry courses at selected universities.

Torino Engineering School Classes

With the exception of a few specialist courses, it is common for all students in Torino to take the same subjects in the first year(s) of a degree, before going on to specialise in the final year(s), when they can choose from a number of options. For this reason, when selecting a course it is important to check what options are available, especially if undergraduates already have a specific career in mind. However, specialising in one area whilst at University does not preclude working in another field of the profession at a later date.

Select Torino Engineering School Classes

Like Masters in Management, postgraduate programs on engineering issues are offered as fulltime and part-time programs in Torino. Fulltime programs usually require one or two years. Part-time programs are offered on weekend courses or in modular tracks and usually take about double the time as the regular program the university or school offers.

Almost every program requires exams to wrap it up though the testing can be dispersed over the course of the program. To see whether the program also demands a thesis (some universities offer a non-thesis degree), it is best to check with the university in consideration in Torino.