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Leadership best books 2


Theory and Practice of Leadership
Second Edition
Roger Gill The Leadership Trust Foundation, Herefordshire
For students and leaders looking for a more holistic and critical take on the field, the Second Edition of this esteemed text offers an exploration of leadership from the head to the toe of an organization – whether that leadership is traditional or virtual, and whether the organization is corporate or non-profit. The first edition has been refined to capture and delineate the essential theories in the study of leadership more clearly, with broader coverage taking in the latest developments in areas such as followership, diversity, national culture, globalization, change, politics and ethics. All of which is explored with abundant examples and illustrations, and links to what it all means in practice.



A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership
Second Edition
Brad Jackson University of Auckland and Ken Parry Bond University
The First Edition of this popular and acclaimed book quickly became a favourite among students for the pithy and easy way in which it guided them through the din of competing perspectives and models on leadership. The Second Edition continues to take readers out of their comfort zones, with expanded discussion of hot topics like follower perspectives, gender and the financial crisis.

In teaching you how to critically appraise leadership theories rather than faithfully accept them, this book will not merely make you a better student of leadership, but a better leader too.






Women and Men in Management
Fourth Edition
Gary N Powell University of Connecticut
Providing specific research-based strategies for both the individual and the organization, this book will help promote an organizational culture of non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion.





imageChange Management
A Guide to Effective Implementation
Third Edition
Professor Robert A Paton University of Glasgow and James McCalman Windsor Leadership Trust
Guiding readers through the technological, organizational and people oriented strategies that managers use to implement change, the Third Edition has been revised to cover power, politics, culture and gender.
The authors have also added international case studies that set change management within the context of globalization.