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Careers After Arts Schools

You can do plenty with an arts degree. Majoring in art prepares you to work in a variety of settings. Careers after arts schools include positions within corporations as well as in studios, with a significant number of those qualified in creative arts working outside specialist creative organisations.

Jobs and Careers After Arts Schools


Most students who graduate with an art degree go to work immediately after graduation in jobs such as: Sculptor, Art Teacher, Children’s Book Illustrator, Animator, Textile Designer…

Jobs and Careers after Arts Schools, Arts Universities, Arts Colleges - The Road to Success

An Arts degree opens up a broad range of career options; the difficulty is trying to work out which of these you wish to pursue.

To choose a career, you need to consider the extent to which you would like to use the specialist knowledge gained through your major. You may choose to work in an area specific to your major; in a career where the knowledge of your major might be very useful; or in career that uses the general skills you have acquired whilst studying Arts.

Also, you have gained a high level of technical ability alongside general skills. Having an awareness of these skills and being able to give examples of them in applications and at interview will make you more employable.

Employment in many professional fields in the arts is competitive. To gain an edge in your chosen industry, making contacts that have already had success in the field is paramount to your career.

Career Opportunities for Arts Graduates

A significant number of arts graduates also head for the media sector. Industries as diverse as chemicals, utilities, fashion, health, grocery and construction all require artists or designers with a clear understanding of technology and efficiency. Apart from the private sector, suitable opportunities also exist in the public and voluntary sectors.

However, keep in mind that getting the perfect job after arts colleges can be difficult. You have to deal with internships, recruiters, resumes, job interviews, contract negotiations… the list goes on and on.

Then, once you get the job, you should consider your performance. It is enough to overwhelm anybody. That is why it is always a good idea to seek out as much information and advice as possible.

Artists can typically be categorized into four groups:
Art Directors: Art directors develop design concepts for media pieces and oversee the entire creation and production process.
Craft Artists: Craft artists hand-make objects, such as candles, tapestries, quilts, and pottery, to be sold or shown.
Fine Artists: Fine artists create items such as paintings, sculpture, and illustrations that are often displayed in museums and galleries.
Multimedia Artists: Multimedia artists and animators create images for film, video, the web, and other forms of electronic media.