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How to Select your Arts University or College

If you do decide to attend an art school, there are a number of considerations to assess. – Four-Year Colleges / Universities : If you want an education that exposes you to a variety of topics in addition to art, and a range of degrees from the Bachelor’s level to the Doctorate (Ph.D.) level, the […]

Web Design Careers

Web design careers have become more sought after by people because everyone knows that the increase in internet usage has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more businesses are recognizing the power of the World Wide Web to remain competitive, and smaller businesses also realize that having an online presence is a more economical […]

Video Game Design Careers

You can have very lucrative video game design careers as long as you are armed with a great imagination and know how to write computer code. The video game market has continued to expand every year, and the demand for video game designers and programmers proceed to grow at a rapid pace as well. Video […]

Landscape Design Careers

Landscape design careers have started to grow now that people have begun to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors more and more. Cities have grown exponentially and that has caused people to push nature further and further away. However, people have realized that nature and greenery is needed to make cities more beautiful and healthy. […]

Interior Design Degree

Online interior design degree holders are making a comeback nowadays. Back when homeownership was a hit among working professionals, careers in interior designing had several job opportunities. You can easily land a job as a home designer, a layout artist, and even as contractual home decorators. When the recession hit, there were fewer demands for […]

Graphic Design Programs Careers

With various breakthroughs in both technology and design, graphic design programs and graphic design schools have also started appearing both as online training grounds or campus-based course offerings. Technology-savvy individuals who have an eye for art and design will find a graphic design education to be a fun and knowledgeable experience, but will also enjoy […]

Fashion Design Careers

Those who are interested in trends and styles may find themselves opting to go to fashion design schools for their university education to prepare to a fashion design career. Even though there are those who may dismiss fashion as something that you can easily learn by yourself, there is still a discipline that has to […]

Digital Video Editing Careers

Digital video editing is the process of editing videos and films using the computer. You can take out and add scenes, background, music, sounds, freeze motion and other effects using this technique, which has revolutionized the way videos are made. The traditional video editing is being replaced rapidly as this new technology saves much time, […]